TRAINING - Class Descriptions

Northwest Citizen Corps Expo Training & Workshops


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Map Your Neighborhood/ WA TRAIN – Rosanne Garrand and Lisa Johnson

Rosanne will focus on the train-the-trainer model.  Participants will be given information on how to facilitate a Map Your Neighborhood planning meeting in his or her neighborhood.  The program aims to help communities identify the location of useful resources in their neighborhoods, like natural gas and propane tanks, which residents have useful skills for emergency response, and residents who have specific needs that must be attended to in an emergency.  Map Your Neighborhood materials will be shared. 

Also, the new MYN Table Top Exercise Kit specifically designed for single family, rural, and vertical neighborhoods will be introduced. Support documents explaining what a table top drill is, why a drill is important, how to conduct a drill, along with examples of the table top questions and responses will be given to participants.

WA TRAIN is the TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network. It is part of the nation’s premier learning resource for professionals who protect the public’s health.  TRAIN is comprised of the national site and participating TRAIN affiliate sites.  Affiliate sites (like WA TRAIN) are managed by many state public health agencies, academic partners and others.  TRAIN users can access information about state, local, national or international training available to them through any participating TRAIN site.

Emergency Communications & Radio Use – Eric Mehan

Eric will focus on the use of Walkie Talkies and emergency communication during an emergency.  Communication between CERT members and teams is imperative when working in neighborhoods after a disaster.   During the class you’ll learn how to use the Walkie Talkies effectively, how to select channels and find the range for most Walkie Talkies.  Please bring your Walkie Talkies if you have them. 

CERT Command & Leadership – Jade Jetter-Hill

Beyond the Incident Command System – Where does a Community Emergency Response Team fall in the larger ICS organization chart?  Jade will show you the practical applications of how to lead and manage teams of CERTs in the field and how to assimilate into a larger response organizational chart.   Knowing where to place your CERT members within the response will make for a more effective team but it takes knowing how to read personalities and understand capabilities to effectively accomplish it.

The Art of Moulage – Laurell Sprague & Buzzy Mounce

Have you ever wondered how those victims you’ve rescued as part of your drill look so real with all of their blood and injuries??  The Art of Moulage!  If you’re interested in learning the tricks of the trade, Buzzy and Laurell of Moulage Mayhem will show you how to apply moulage prosthetics, makeup and blood based on the victim’s symptom and signs triage card.  Warning, participants’ clothes may become stained.   

Terrorism and Active Shooter – Seth Hanson

Officer Hanson will focus on the current terrorism and active shooter threats as well as provide the basics of preparing for and understanding the likely Law Enforcement response. 

Explosive & Traumatic Disasters – Robert Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell, a specialist in disaster medicine will discuss the background of explosions and traumatic disasters, including 3 primary types of explosions, nuclear, mechanical and chemical.  Also, review the 4 blast-related mechanisms of injury (MOI) and identify important hazard-specific considerations involved in response to explosion disasters. 

Leadership Reaction Course – Shawn Palmer

Shawn, from the Leadership Coalition will take you through "The Leadership Reaction Course”.  Participants will engage in a fun, dynamic and hands-on military-leadership-inspired exercise designed to directly challenge and reinforce your core leadership fundamentals. You will navigate yourself, your teammates, and—if required—other prescribed items through varying courses using wooden planks and platforms. It is an exercise created to challenge your teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills, as well as your ability to see the task from the “10,000-ft view"...the big picture. Maximum course participation: 14

WSP Citizen Education & Response/Fusion Center – Gill Vandenkooy

Sgt. Vandenkooy with the WSP will discuss the Suspicious Activity Awareness (SAA)/Community Awareness Program (CAP) which is by design a tool to educate the public on “suspicious” behaviors associated with criminal/terrorist activity.  

CERT Traffic & Crowd Management - Mike Batnik

Learn CERT basic training concepts that apply to Traffic & Crowd Management.  Also, how ICS, size-up, safety, & team communications apply to Traffic & Crowd Management.  This class teaches the same principals of control needed to direct sometimes injured, confused, or angry survivors in a disaster area until first responders arrive.

Cribbing - Brian Bouton

This class will provide an understanding of why we use cribbing and identify cribbing materials.  Firefighter Bouton will be explaining the uses of leverage during lifting and moving of items discussing the does and don'ts of debris-removal from a trapped victim.  This will be mostly hands on work while practicing the Incident command system.  Brian encourages you to come and participate in the class whether you want to get dirty or not, It's overall information will greatly enhance your abilities as a CERT member.

Disaster Survival Class - Brian Bouton

This disaster survivability class will be based upon after the  disaster has occurred, weeks down the road.  The main topic of discussion will be talking and sharing creative ideas about “go-bags” and additional tools to incorporate within it.  I will be discussing and showing some unique survivability techniques for you and your family (e.g. creating connective energy from  batteries by adding wires).  This class will be a fun and an eye opening experience for people.  I encourage those attending to bring in your go-bags.

Fire Fighter Rehab- Robert Lord

CERT members will learn:  1) the definition of and need for firefighter rehab; 2) the physiological threats to firefighters; 3) an overview of what happens at the scene of a fire; and, 4) how CERT members set up and what they do in the rehab area.

Psychological First Aid – Pat Ellis

Most often over looked in the immediate impact of a disaster is the emotional impact and reactions in not only survivors but in the rescuers as well.    We focus on the physical needs of the survivors and rightly so but just as important is the emotional and psychological injuries. Physically injured people might not even know they are injured because of the physiological response of the body.  In this class Chaplin Ellis will explorer the unique stressors involved and how those stressors can directly hinder or help the rescue and recovery efforts.